FemCatholic in Action Together

A community of women advancing New Feminism in the church + world.

You belong where you don't have to choose.

Between being a "conservative" or a "liberal," a Catholic or a feminist, an empowered woman or a faithful one.

Your vocation is to be you.

Concern for the well-being of women is deeply Catholic, and we’re here to help foster a community of passionate, talented women who are ready to move the needle on women's issues.

You Matter. Women Matter.

"It depends on [women] to promote a “new feminism” which rejects the temptation of imitating models of “male domination,” in order to acknowledge and affirm the true genius of women in every aspect of the life of society and overcome all discrimination, violence, and exploitation." 

- Saint and Pope John Paul II, 1995

Women are not a "cherry on top" in the world, or the Church - we're not the bonus half of humanity.

Women's contributions are essential, our perspectives unique, and our call to respond - is right now.

Learn from Catholic women like you.

Discover your unique call, in this season of life.

Connect and share with our community.

✔️ We connect you with a network of women who are living out their Catholic faith in the REAL world - in secular jobs, in their homes, and in the Church - so you can see these modern witnesses and be affirmed in your own call

✔️ We host live virtual events and book clubs so you can continue learning what the Church ACTUALLY teaches, and what it means for your life and relationships

✔️ We provide access to social issue sub-groups so you can connect with other women passionate about the same things - like prolife feminism, women at work, and domestic violence, and fertility awareness

✔️ We showcase the experiences, expertise, and insights of our members (you’re next) so you can take advantage of our collective inspiration as empowered women of faith

Whether you need ideas for a women's ministry, want feedback on how to use your gifts in a meaningful way, need help navigating a tough relationship, or want to vent about a frustrating experience as a Catholic woman, we're here for you.

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Either plan gets you access to all of our member benefits. The annual plan will save you almost 20% per year and ensure you have holistic pro-woman support through all the seasons of life ahead.

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